Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog day 2

Well I did it. I added my first How-To. I'll just keep adding them as I do them for the most part. Today I went mountain biking in Dupont. Just hit up the same trails as usual because I got there kinda late. Managed about 2.5 hours which is a little short but my one calf has been protesting a little and I want to get in a good intervals session tomorrow. I did have a close encounter with a tree. Left me with the usual purple and red blotches on the forearm, shoulder, and hip. I do have to talk about how ridiculously awesome my new bike is. The rougher it gets it just magically conjures up more travel and smooths it all out. Seems like the faster and more aggressive you ride the more the bike responds in a positive way. I am really having a lot of fun on it! Stay tuned for a full review of it in the next little bit.

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