Saturday, November 7, 2015

2016 South Carolina Reunion!!

Well it's been a while since I did anything here other than post a few brief comments on some older posts.  So I thought I would make this post a good one :-)
I've had some pretty awesome adventures for the last 2 years and have been lucky enough to have the chance to do some pretty fun and unique cycling trips.  I get quite a bit of time to do whatever I want during the spring months so I figured I would do something extra special for 2016.
Yes folks is a South Carolina reunion!  At your favourite of venues, The Palace.  Not to say that I will never do this again but it will not be a yearly thing.  There are too many other awesome trips I want to do.  So please try to take time out of your busy schedule to meet me down there to get in some riding cause who knows when this opportunity will come again.  I will be bringing a mountain bike and a road bike.
You should all know the drill and the house by now.  The only difference is that this year I am booking the weeks Monday-Monday.  Arrive any time on the Monday of your week and leave any time the following Monday.

Availability for 2016 (updated Nov 29, 2015)
April 11 - April 18                        Full
April 18 - April 25                        1 Spot
April 25 - May 2                          1 Spot

$200/week CAD per person.  As always, this pretty much just covers the price of the house.

Email me at to book.

Lets make this simple and just say that you have to pay all of the money up front in order to book.  My spare time in the winter is exactly zero and I have no interest in chasing people down for money (believe me I have learned my lesson on that one).  You can cancel as close to 4 weeks before your arrival date.  After that you can find someone to replace you.

House Info (as far as I know)
Top Floor - 2 Bedrooms, both with a Queen and a Twin
Main Floor - 3 Bedrooms. Master Bedroom has a King. 2 Bedrooms have Queens.
Walk out Basement - 2 Bedrooms. One with a Queen and a Twin. One with a Queen and a Full
-70" big screen t.v. in the great room
-all rooms are equipped with a small cable t.v
-Wireless internet
-Pool Table
-6 bathrooms, 7 showers
-Fully furnished rooms and kitchen
-big dining room table
-on the water with a nice dock and deck
-2 car garage for bikes (and garage crit championships) and lots of parking outside
-full central air conditioning (yes we've used it before)
-gas fireplace
-2 refrigerators
-2 laundry rooms with washers/dryers
-towels/sheets/pillows included in each room


One of the 2 lofts with full ensuite bathrooms

Master (my) bedroom har har har.  Ensuite bathroom with Jacuzzi tub.

The pool room is just one of the many hang-out spots in the house.