Sunday, April 19, 2009

Testing: ArmorAll Bike Wash

Well actually it's car wash but I figure if it's good enough for a Ferrari then it will probably work for the Giant. I'm trying this as a cheap alternative to bike lust or any other flavour of all purpose bike cleaner. This stuff costs about $5 for a jug. Directions say mix one ounce per gallon so I put a small squeeze into a spray bottle and filled the rest with water. Shake it up initially and probably give it a little shake just before you are about to use it. It contains some wax and other additives that help it remove bugs and grime and Gatorade ect.... Initial impressions are good. It gets the stuff off fairly easily and leaves your bike with a nice shine. Considering it costs around 25 cents to fill up a spray bottle I'd say it's a pretty good way to save some $.

Just spray it on a cloth or directly on the bike. I would try not to get any on the brake rotors though or in the pads.

Wipe clean
That's all there is to it. I got this stuff at Canadian Tire and I give it the thumbs up.
-July 4th/09 Update
Just used this stuff to clean my car. Worked great. Dunno if it was the wax additive or the fact that I polished it with a Shamwow but it is shiny and looks about as awesome as a stock civic can look ;-)