Monday, September 19, 2011

Bike for sale: Specialized Tarmac S-Works

56 cm Full carbon S-Works frame and fork
7800 Dura-Ace groupo
Dura-Ace Carbon wheelset (Tufo Tubulars)
Ritchey carbon seatpost and stem
3T Carbon bars
Specialized Toupe saddle
Asking $2500
Here we go again. Another Don special.   The wheels alone retail for $2500.  Don't be put off by the "older" generation of DuraAce components because the new generation of Shimano road groupos totally suck.  I would much prefer 7800 over 7900 DuraAce.
So again drop me a line at
if you want to steal this one away.

Bike for sale: KONA Kula Supreme - SOLD

sorry if you missed your chance.

20" Scandium Frame (XL)
XTR Shifters, crank, front and rear derailler
XT Brakes (disk), wheelset, BB, and cassette
Chris King Headset
FSA Carbon bars
Easton Carbon seatpost and stem
Specialized MTB saddle
My friend Don has this beautiful bike up for sale.  I tried to convince him to ask more money for it but I guess he was/is in a very generous mood.  So drop me a line at
if you want to pick up this amazing machine.  Did I mention it's SCANDIUM!!!  yummy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hey kids, take my advice......

Those orange stickers on brake rotors with the picture of the exploding finger are no joke.

Monday was not a very productive day past 12:15 p.m.  After I was done passing out from being a big baby I got stitched up and can now be a great example of where not to stick your finger.  I am looking forward to it healing so I can go back to playing video games.  
On another note, South Carolina booking has begun.  Very shortly I will begin updating the availability of the weeks but I can tell you it is going to get filled up fast.