Friday, May 26, 2017

We changed out the clutch on Wonton

Ever wonder what a 300,000km original clutch looks like??  Watch Dawit and I change out the clutch on Wonton to get it ready for our epic cross continent ride.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Testing out some rain gear :-D

Trying out some of the gear I will have on hand for those less than favourable days in the saddle during my cross Canada ride.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 7 (The end)

Planned for August 12 - 31

Well it's been a long journey thus far but the end is almost in sight.  It feels like a lifetime since this virtual trip started.  I'm sure the real thing will go by much faster.......
This part of the route is open to interpretation and depends on a few factors.  Okay really just one factor.  What day in August it is when we actually get here.  There are definitely plans to go across PEI and also to spend a while in Newfoundland.  However we'll just say it ends in Sydney for now, how we get to St John's is still a mystery (though I'm sure it will involve a ferry).

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 6

Planned for August 4 - 12.

Here we go right through my home town, Peterborough.  Google says it's the best way to go so who am I to argue.  Admittedly for the first time while posting these maps I used the handy bicycle feature on Google and it looks to be routing us on a bunch of sections of the Trans Canada Trail which would be really cool.  Not sure how easy that would be to program into my Garmin, judging from my history of trying to get my Edge 1000 to work properly I can tell you that it will probably be extremely frustrating ;-)
The end is really sneaking up on us here though I'm not sure it will feel that way during the ride.  We finish stage 6 in Drummondville Quebec.

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 5

Planned for July 21 - August 4.

This leg of the journey brings Jason and I into the part of Canada we call home, Ontario.  From doing a bit of research and digging we have found that while cycling across the continent you really ought to avoid Thunder Bay due to heavy traffic concerns.  With some help I was able to find what I think should be a really nice route through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan to bring us over to Sault Ste Marie.  This part of the ride finishes in the town of South Baymouth with views of Lake Huron.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 4

Planned for July 9 - 21

Now we roll through the prairies.  Most of the route from this point isn't set in stone, it's just something I've put together quickly as a general guideline.  However it will follow very closely to this map.
The prairies will be happening during potentially some of the hottest weather of the year.  It's hard to say what the weather will do.  The trailer has air conditioning so maybe we'll have to hibernate in there at every opportunity.  Hopefully we don't encounter too many summer storms.  The winds should definitely be in our favour.  Combine that with the flatness of the terrain and this could be a good recipe to get ahead on our mileage. 
It's hard to say how quickly we'll make it through this stage so we'll stay with our goal of 150km/day (with one day off every 7 days).  One advantage of making up some mileage is that we can spend more time exploring Newfoundland.


Monday, March 20, 2017

How-To: Seal up new carbon rims tubeless

A short video on how I like to seal up my carbon rims in order to run them tubeless.

Lemme know if you have any question :-)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our cross continent living accommodations

A short video of the day we picked up the trailer.

March 11, 2017 - Spent the day in Grande Prairie today picking up the trailer.

Check back here for updates on our setup.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 3

Stage three takes straight through the heart of the Rockies and away from the Pacific Ocean.  After about 26 days of riding and over 3,000km we are finally heading east!  May the winds be at our back :-D
Stage three is right about 1500km and should take us 11 or 12 days to complete.  Choosing to take HWY 11 east out to Rocky Mountain House should keep us away from the busier centers of Calgary and Edmonton.  I'd expect we'll be rolling in to Red Deer by about July 8 or 9.  Will we be sick of the hills and happy to leave the mountains behind?  The prairies will have their own challenges I'm sure.  It's hard to say what adventures are in store for stage three.  I can say that amazing scenery is a guarantee.

Are we passing through your area?  Maybe we'll see you out there :-)


Monday, March 6, 2017

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 2

Who'da thought but Stage 2 picks up where Stage 1 left off.  Whitehorse!  We roll over to Watson Lake and keep heading south picking up HWY 37 through the Rockies.  Call me crazy but I'm really looking forward to this part.  I've heard it can be difficult for riders due to how remote the highway can be but I would almost consider that to be a welcome feature with our support truck and RV trailer it should let us relax and just enjoy the view.  Hopefully we escape out of the north before the bugs get really bad.
As soon as we get to Terrace we take a bit of a detour and head west out to Prince Ruper for dip number two!  This leg of the journey is about 1400km and I would expect it to take us about 10 or 11 days.  Our Pacific Ocean dip should happen around June 27th.

If you see we are rolling through your area please send us a message.  We'd love to have you come make us dinner! :-D


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Zama llama boh banna

Had some fun at work today and from the pictures it's not hard to see why I enjoy spending time in Zama.  Probably for the best that I usually only come here for a week or so at a time though.  Keeps it magical ;-)

We found a herd of Zama bison.  Apparently they are the imported larger wood bison variety.  I think my lense did pretty good at 10x zoom and the heli shaking like crazy.

Have you ever seen a river that runs through a lake?  Zama Lake is pretty cool (no pun intended)

Wasn't sure if this would look as cool as it did in person.  Almost looks like a reflection on a lake.

I've been geeking out on the time-lapse function of my camera and did one of me riding my rollers in my camp room the other day.  I'll upload it when I get back to some civilized internet.

Today is just about 3 months until we start our big bike ride.  I really want to make sure that I am physically prepared for the riding after spending so much time preparing the equipment.  Time to shift my focus a little and give the bike portion of our trip the respect it deserves.  I'm lucky that endurance has always been my greatest strength but best not to get too cocky before the first km has even been ridden.

Stay interesting :-)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Take your bike to work day

It's right around 3 months now until we leave.  It has been a busy February at work so my riding has not been happening as much as I'd like.  My cross continent bike is also my general "beater" camp bike.  I try to bring this thing everywhere.  It's definitely the one bike I could not live without.  I'll go through the specs in a later post.

The days are starting to get longer around here which is nice

 I packed everything in the work truck and headed off to Zama City for the next week or so.

Normal highway conditions for half the year. Can you seen the 18 wheeler 100' in front of me?

You get funny looks when you are unloading your truck at camp.

It's definitely nice to have the option to ride even when I'm away.  In the summer I still bring the bike but can ride outside which is lots of fun in these remote locations.

If you're in Zama City AB stop on by and say hello ;-)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hanging out with JaBig

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 1

Stage one of our ride this summer begins in the lovely town of Prudhoe Bay Alaska then takes us over to Whitehorse YT.  Not much selection on route here so it's as simple as plugging Prudhoe Bay into our starting point and Whitehorse as the finish.  We are thinking we should start riding around June 2 and arrive in Whitehorse two weeks later around June 16th.