Sunday, June 11, 2017

A quick update from Dawson City Yukon

I'll be brief here and post a quick update as events have transpired.  I am the only one with cell service currently and have limited resources so bear with me.
On Friday during our first ride out of Dawson and also our first pavement ride we ran in to our first patch of particularly unfavorable luck. About 120km into our 150km ride Dawit had a pretty bad crash when we slowed down for a bear crossing the road (of all things). He landed pretty hard on his face and knocked the wind out of himself. Some very kind motorists stopped (no shortage of them around here) and drove Dawit to our campsite where Marin and Lindsay took care of him while the remaining 3 of us had a very sombre ride back to camp.  When we arrived we learned that Dawit was actually doing pretty good and was in good spirits as usual.

So we changed our plans for the next day. We would drive back up the road 30km to where the crash happened and start from there. We'd do an easy few hours and set up camp again just to make sure everyone was doing OK still.
On Saturday we all hopped in the truck for the short drive to where our ride would resume. Unfortunately this is where we got our second bout of bad luck. About 15km from camp the serpentine belt on the truck disintegrated and we were stuck on the highway. Robert hitched a ride to Dawson as we had no cell service. CAA sent a tow truck which took about 4 hours to arrive. Robert came back with a relative from Dawson and they towed the trailer about 500m up the road to a pullout where they are now camped. I went with the truck to Dawson and am waiting for the Napa to open tomorrow and hopefully they have the belt in stock. I should be able to meet back up with the gang tomorrow (Monday) and we can continue our ride to Whitehorse. We should arrive there around Thursday.

For now I am hanging out in the truck camper. I had a nice tour of Dawson City today with a great lunch and checked out the museum. I'm sure there will be lots of updates when we all get to Whitehorse.
Over'n out.

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