Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 10 to 12 - McQuesten to Pelly Crossing

June 10 – We decided to take it easy today.  After loading up the trailer we all drove out together to start our ride from Dawit’s crash site.  From there we’d go about 60km or so just to test the waters and see how everyone was feeling.  Fate had different plans for us once again.  About 10min into our drive the serpentine belt on the truck decided to let go.  We were stranded with no cell phone service for about 100km!
It didn’t take long before the good people of the Yukon stopped and gave Robert a ride back into Whitehorse so that he could call for a tow truck.  
The rest of us made the best possible use of the time by playing card games and taking naps.  

About 10pm the tow truck rolled up and Robert not too long after with a relative from Dawson City.   Robert and the gang had the trailer towed about 500m down the road to a pull-out. 

I went with Jay the tow truck driver and Wonton to get her fixed in Dawson City

The next 36 hours were somewhat stressful for everyone.  I was in Dawson and the crew was about 150km away dry camping.  I had no way of getting in touch with them since they were out of service.  The auto parts store was closed on Sunday so I checked out the town and learned about the hardy folks of the Klondike gold rush.  All the while in my mind I was really hoping that NAPA had the proper serpentine belt I stock.  If not I would be stuck in Dawson for 2 or 3 more days waiting for the part to arrive.  The crew had no way of knowing what I was up to.  Did I mention I was also squatting in the back of the truck in the NAPA parking lot!

Monday morning the 12th rolled around and at 7am NAPA opened.  They had 2 belts in stock so I bought them both!  Jay the tow truck driver helped me out big time by changing the belt for me first thing in the morning in the parking lot even though they were really busy.  It was a relatively easy fix but I was glad I didn’t have to get covered in dirt that morning.  I fueled up with diesel and chocolate bars and made my way back to the crew where I was greeted with a hero’s welcome.  

It was early enough in the morning that we were still able to ride that day from McQuesten to Pelly Crossing.  We were all very happy to finally be making some forward progress. 

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