Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day one - Dip one

Day one of our Triple Dip adventure started at the Peel River. The ferries to Inuvik were still about 7 days away from being open due to some mechanical issues so we decided that 150km north of the Arctic circle was as close to the Arctic ocean as we were going to get.

We were met with some pretty incredible mountain riding less than 5km after leaving the river bank with a lot of uphills and not very many downhills. We had a quick lunch on top of a mountain at the Northwest Territories border. We were feeling pretty tired but the wind was howling and we knew we had to keep moving to get to shelter.  We rode what thankfully seemed like a short, mostly downhill 20km to our very nice campsite at Rock River.

And yes there were some brave dippers!

Our home for the night - Rock River campsite

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