Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 7 - Tombstone to Dawson City

The end of the Dempster!
Today we concluded the epic gravel road portion of our ride.  Most of the day we were pointed downhill with a tailwind so the average speed was very high at 28.5km/h.  It was a bittersweet moment leaving the Dempster.  On one hand it felt amazing rolling on to smooth pavement.  On the other hand we were sad to be leaving the epic scenery and isolation of one of the best roads I've ever ridden.

We were all super stoked that Wonton and Redline survived the Dempster!

I asked Marin how I could help and she said she really just wanted me to stay dry and take pictures.  I reluctantly obliged.

We were all really excited to finally have cell phone reception after 6 days or so.  As we rode into Dawson our phones started blowing up and we competed to see who had the most notifications :-D

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