Monday, August 10, 2009

O-Cup #6. Mountainview

Ohhhhhhhhhh k. So maybe some people are waiting to read my update from the O-Cup this weekend. I am going to keep this fairly short because there really isn't that much to tell. Legs felt awesome in pre-ride the day before and I did 2 tempo laps in the nice weather. I was experimenting with running a lower 25psi tire pressure, down from my usual 29. The bike felt great. I was also focusing on shifting all of my upper body weight forward and onto my inside hand while cornering since I seem to have gotten the hang of the outside foot down technique. Let me just say the 2 compliment each other really well. Weight forward and on inside hand really puts your weight where it should be. Seems to automatically bring your saddle to your inside thigh which I have been struggling with over the past couple months. Anyways...........little off topic there.......
The race was going well for the first lap or so. Got a decent start and sat about 10th in the first singletrack. Was regretting my 1.8 Maxxis Medusa mud tires for the first 1/2 lap but then we hit the super muddy stuff and was glad that for that lap at least I had some traction. I made up some spots and I think I was sitting around 6th but it all came unglued. Felt like I was riding on top of a big sponge. Power put into the cranks didn't seem to be moving me forward at all. Was it the heat, was it the tires, was it my crappy legs?? Who really knows, just a bad day I guess. Excuses are lame so I'll leave it at that. Only finished 3 of 5 laps......
Anyways told you it would be short. Gotta leave you longing for more

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