Friday, January 1, 2010

So it was about time

Well actually I am about 4 weeks past due........My Anthem has been sitting in its same sad state for the past month. Left her just the way she was after a muddy November, not saying I'm proud of it. I know some people like the whole mountain bikes should be left dirty because they are mountain bikes mantra but that just doesn't jive with me. So I started stripping her down and cleaning her up to get me thinking a little more about riding again in South Carolina in only 2 months.
I think what really got me motivated is that it is really starting to look a lot like winter around here. We are getting a consistent 10-15cm of snow per day right now and I have been able to get out skiing some more after my pre x-mas flu. Not only that, it was time to purge the system from all that junk that was ingested over the past 2 weeks. So the bike is getting an overhaul and the body is getting the same treatment. Now don't get the wrong idea here. This isn't some new years resolution crap, a coincidence that is all ;-)
I'm gonna post some more how-to's as well as I go through my bike. Let me know if there is something you want to see done.


  1. Benno, your blog rocks!!! I've got two ideas for the how to's:
    - how to change the fork oil
    - how to bleed the brakes

    Or really, anything else. Really enjoyed the bearing article.

  2. Thanks!
    ok I will try bleeding the Elixir's and will post it up. I will check out how to service the SID as well.

  3. I am with roddy in that I would like to see the fork oil how-to on this fork as I have the same bike. My last bike had a Manitou Minute that was very easy to work on so I am hoping the SID is as easy.

  4. Ok I'm doing the fork right now. Just have to pick up a couple more tools but so far it looks pretty straight forward. Should have it posted in the next couple days.

  5. Ok finally did the write up.