Monday, May 2, 2011

So I just rode through an Arctic wasteland.

Or was it the back roads and concessions of Oro-Station? Either way it is good to be back. The roads are shitty, flat, boring, the weather sucks, and it's good to be back.
Seriously though I made it back alive from my adventures in SC. I unfortunately didn't get to ride my super epic mtb ride through the Foothills Trail. The timing just didn't work out for me. The drive home was uneventful save for the tornado wreckage for about 5 miles in Tennessee, that was intense. I tried to snap a few quick photos but they didn't really turn out. The Pulsar decided to try being a hybrid for little while, a few tanks I made 500km's which is roughly 200km further than I was getting while participating in some "spirited" driving in the mountains.
Was back at work today and it felt good. Lots going on at Hardwood which is nice to see. I now enter the season of perpetually dirty hands.
Stretched the legs out today after work and headed out on the TCR. Stopped by the post office and picked up my package of new Comply foam tips for my Ultimate Ears. Holy crap I must say that changing these out at regular intervals really does improve the sound of the headphones big time. Old ones were pretty sad and worn out. New ones show off the mad bass.
Dinner time.

Stu and I head up to Highlands and melt some rubber
Some tornado damage in Tennessee

Nice roads for the drive home

My smorgasbord. Beef jerkey, fruit punch, animal crackers, pineapple, cantaloupe, easter candy, grapes, strawberries.

I'll try not to drive in your blind spot for very long

Some vehicle LOL

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