Saturday, June 11, 2011

South Carolina 2012

So I have had people asking about next spring. At this point it is a green light for 2012 and I will be offering much in the same as I have in the past. Pricing will likely be about the same (as long as my rent stays the same).
There are some improvements in store to make the best value spring cycling camp even better. Booking will probably start in September. So stay tuned and if you have any requests or suggestions then send me a message. I am always looking for ways to make this better.

Chef Jerome

Andy in the twisties


  1. Ben, I laughed and laughed when reading your blog about riding the long trail. Please send me an email. I tried contacting you but never heard back, so am wondering if you have a new address. Shirley

  2. Hey Shirley, glad you enjoyed our adventure. Can't wait for the next one! You have email.