Friday, April 20, 2012

Well worth the weight

Ohh lordy I have been suffering, yes indeed.  The human race, with all its innovation and technologies.  In its unyielding, unwavering, and unstoppable crusade in the name of progress............
This spectacular species is still unable to make a great mountain bike pedal.  Oh sure there are mediocre pedals and certainly a lot of total crap-ola pedals.  But nothing that really represents the brilliance that we are capable of.  And while my own personal quest to find the One Great Pedal continues without success I am, for the time being, willing to lower my standards a little and settle for the One Good Pedal.

After suffering for a couple years on the Look Quartz I went back to the trusted Shimano XTR and life is good.  The only thing stopping the 980 XTR from being great is that they are about 80 grams per pair too heavy.  This is actually a considerable margin but the weight is offset by how well they function.
The XTR 980 pedals are good, not great.  But certainly better than terrible which is what the Quartz are.

So there you go.  The 980 XTR pedals are the best on the market.  Don't even say the word Eggbeater around me.

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