Thursday, February 9, 2012

If it aint broke........break it.

Alright I am a little delayed in reporting this very very sad news.  In fact it was one of the most depressing and unsettling events in the cycling industry that I have ever experienced. Take a look at these two bottles.

Oh they look very similar don't they. Well look again. There is something about that bottle on the right that might not catch your eye at first but is the source of my contempt. Check out that little bit of text on the upper right hand side, hiding behind the price tag. You see the good folks at Finish Line decided to take their absolutely perfect in every way Teflon Dry Lube and mess around with it. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!! So the result is that it now sucks - big time.
The original was silky and oily but light and laughed in the face of dirt. It ran clean and just plain worked in most every condition. The new stuff I wouldn't classify as chain lube in any capacity. It is very thick and globby. It turns your chain into a white mushy mess and nothing seems to be getting lubricated in the process. Finish Line Teflon Lube, you have been disgraced. Check out the difference. Old (awesome) on the left, new (crap) on the right.

So in short - DO NOT BUY THIS LUBE. I blows big time. My new recommendation is ProGold ProLink lube and I will have a review of it in the not too distant future.

My new favourite lube. 
Actually, fortunately for myself I bought a big 250mL jug of the old Finish Line Teflon lube and have been rationing it haha. Just lookin' after you people.
Over'n out.