Monday, February 27, 2017

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 1

Stage one of our ride this summer begins in the lovely town of Prudhoe Bay Alaska then takes us over to Whitehorse YT.  Not much selection on route here so it's as simple as plugging Prudhoe Bay into our starting point and Whitehorse as the finish.  We are thinking we should start riding around June 2 and arrive in Whitehorse two weeks later around June 16th.


  1. That is quite the adventure Ben, good for you for doing this. Let me know when you are starting stage 6. Bernie and Heather in Ottawa.

    1. Hey guys. Good to hear from you. I'll post up my Strava rides whenever I have internets along the way.

    2. Cool, I'll be looking for it. Can I contact you by email? Bernie

    3. Of course!