Thursday, December 10, 2009

South Carolina Pricing Update

Hey folks,
thought I would add some incentive to those who like to leave everything to the last minute. Prices for the house in South Carolina will go up as of February 1st 2010. The cost will be $20 more per week/person and $30 more per week/couple. It is a big help for me to get the money from you earlier because it helps with organising the house and paying the massive rent. So if you are not "cheque in the mail" status by February 1st then the increased pricing will apply.
So in summary:
Now until January 31st, 2010
Price per person is $160 week/person
Price per couple is $200 week/couple

After February 1st, 2010
Price per person is $180/week/person
Price per couple is $230/week/couple

That is all.

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