Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wintertime Blahs

Well despite the title there is no such thing going on here. Made myself productive today on one of my randomly scheduled days off. Was able to get my hands dirty again putting a new, er well different, throttle body in my Civic. Trying to figure out the stutter under load and crappy idle at start up in warm humid temps. Figured it was probably the throttle positioning sensor so rather then try to adjust that (which I hear is a pain in the ass) I just took the easy route and bolted on a whole different TB. Took five minutes and seems to be running fine but I haven't had the chance to drive it yet so we'll see. The real test will be when I drive it in warm temps again, ahem South Carolina.
Also got a chance to throw my Price Chopper turkey in the oven, turned out damn good for my first one. Now it's turkey soup, pasta, sandwiches, rice, chili, kebab, for the next week, delicious.
Other than that I shot over to Hardwood for a quick night ski. Another 15cm or so of snow fell throughout the day and I must say the skiing was phenomenal. I was having a great time out there in the powder and it should set up perfectly when it is groomed overnight. After my short ski I was off to my weekly Tuesday suffer fest over at the Hardwood inn. We are doing general strength training in all sorts of fun ways that my body has never experienced. Usually incapacitates me in one way or another for a couple of days after. Hope to get in a good 2 hour ski tomorrow, that should loosen up the stiffness in the body but also wear me out pretty good.
Anyways that is it for now. Hope you are enjoying your winter as much as I, impossible not to when you live 500m from Hardwood.

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