Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm alive ok!

Yes I know I really have been dead to the world this past week. You know what they say, the more time you have the more time you waste. Well I don't know if "they" say that or not. I think I just sort of made up that saying after I realised one year that it was a struggle some days to get out for our ride before the sun went down even though we had absolutely nothing else to do besides play pool and eat mountains of food.
So here I am, it only took me a week this time to acclimatise to having 24 hours of free time in a day and 7 days off in a week haha. I have been getting in a lot of mountain biking these past few days. Two good reasons for that. Reason one is that mountain biking kicks ass. Reason two is that my friend Gareth leant me his road bike (bless him) with a seized bottom bracket so I have been waiting for that part to arrive at the Clemson bike store. Derek actually got the bearing spinning again so I packed her with grease and don't plan on waiting for the bearing before christening my legs on the asphalt this year.
Was going to get out today for a nice sunny ride in the mountains on the road bike but last night my throat started hurting a lot again. Probably as a result of the stress of trying to keep up with Derek on a mountain bike ride lol. Then I was up at 3am with a fever and started having silly thoughts like how much it would suck to have to go to the hospital in the US and wondering if my travel medical insurance had a deductible. Well I woke up this morning feeling o.k. just a little feverish and throat is still sore. I took it easy all day and ate comfort food and now I am pounding back the gingerale. I am obviously anxious to get back out on the bike though so I hope it will clear up soon.
Took a couple pictures on our ride yesterday and the day before that. Was actually in shorts and short sleeves yesterday and the weather is supposed to be 20 degrees all week.
That's all for now.

Derek does the wall ride on the DH course at Issaqueena

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