Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sun is back. Serious business.

After a couple days of rain and boredom the sun came back on Sunday. Did my first road ride in the mountains that day and it was really awesome. Knee hurt really bad for the 1st hour and I thought I might have to turn back. After doing the first climb however it felt fine and I was good to go until about the last 30min when it started to hurt again. Took yesterday off and iced it a little bit and took some Aleve. Seems to be feeling better today but still hurts to walk, have to do a little gimp shuffle. Going to try it out on the mountain bike trails today as well as my new rear derailleur I installed on the X-Ben. I was unhappy with my rear shifting because my XTR Shadow derailleur didn't come in close enough the road cassette I installed on the bike. I had heard that you could use a 7900 DuraAce derailleur with no problems, I had also heard that there were problems and that it wouldn't mesh with 9 speed. Well my friend brought it down to me and I installed it last night and it seems to be shifting great. Sits much closer to the cassette and the shorter cage keeps better tension on the chain. I am looking forward to trying it out on the trails today, oh yeah I'm also looking forward to just riding the trails today because mountain biking is awesome.

New DA

Old Shadow

Due to the rain we found our selves getting quite restless. We have had the idea to build a bike rack in the garage for some time now. Me and Derek made a quick stop at Home Depot and started to formulate a plan. We decided to simplify and just make it out of 2x4's as opposed to the steel bar we first had our eye on. Andrew, Derek, and I made an afternoon of it with the handsaw and some screws. It made us feel really manly.

As I was uploading the pictures from my camera I found some funny ones. One particularly warm afternoon the young lady next door decided to put on a show for us and it looks like it was captured on my camera, don't know how it got there? Honest. The funniest part is mom standing in the door, hands on hips.

Last Derek is showing his appreciating for the GTS-t I hope to have as my daily driver by the end of this year.

As you can see it's serious business here in SC. I'm outta here for now, getting ready for my ride. Usually takes me a good 90minutes to do that.


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