Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back Online

After a seemingly endless 20 days or so without internet it seems to have maybe returned to stay. Seems someone erased all of the wireless settings on the router so will still be a few days before we can go wireless again but at least we have something!
Just finished up the mountain bike tour week. Everyone got along really well and seemed to enjoy it a lot, I know I did. Only had 1 day of rain on Thursday so we rescheduled that ride for Friday and with all of the sun we've had the trails were still dry despite the deluge. I can definitely see the tour happening again next year if I do this whole South Carolina house thing again.
Since we last spoke I'd had that knee thing going on. Well I can say that I have been completely liberated from that hindrance and can start training again. I have been travelling around a ton in the past 2 weeks getting my routes ready for the tour so I will be skipping the first race that I was going to do down here. Need to rest up a little bit and can get some good intervals in on the mountain bike across the lake at Issaqueena.
Still some room left for the next couple weeks if anyone is interested in a little Southern living. Many of us fill our days with....
Car washing

Bike washing

Icecream eating

Mountain biking

Boat riding

Sunblock applying (a la robot viking style)
And epic trail touring
Looks like 25+ degrees and sun for the foreseeable future and the lake is warm. Pretty much the best time to be down here so if we don't get a summer in Ontario at least I have my time here.

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