Friday, April 16, 2010

Awful in SC today.......

awful warm! WAH wah
Was another scorcher today. Sun is getting really intense and it is hot down by the lake so I decided to head into the foothills today to do some intervals. Was doing some tempo sprints, ride tempo for 4min then sprint for 1 min then back to tempo. Always a good time trying to bring the HR from 185 back down to 160 when you are on an 18% gradient. Stayed with my intervals all the way up to the base of the Wig-monster (Wiggington Rd.) and decided I might as well giv'r for the mile to the top. Legs felt good going up but I was spent at the top and it was hard to finish my next 2 sets but I plugged along anyway and got them done. Up in the mountains was nice and cool with a cool breeze but it quickly got hot again as I descended into Walhalla. Couldn't get out of my bike shorts and into my swimsuit fast enough so I could have my pbj and chocolate milk while I cooled the legs in the lake.
House is clearing out and I'm getting ready for the next batch. I hear there is snow and rain forecast for Ontario this weekend. Isn't there a race there on Sunday? Pretty typical of the Ontario weather to do that. Looks like it is cooling off to 20-25 degrees here the next couple days too, good mtbking temp.

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