Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cleaning up the crap

Somewhere in Africa many hungry children would be quite upset at the 6.5 bags of food that I threw away the other day. Some people might think that leaving their last slice of cheese, or 2/3 consumed milk jugs, or 1/2 loaf of bread is doing somebody a favour. It is pretty amazing how it adds up.

Drove by the happening Pickens market the other day. Parking lot is packed, we are talking 1000+ cars. They do it every Wednesday and Saturday morning. I'm sure there is a lot of moonshine and firearm exchanging.
Andy and I did an easy couple hours at Issaqueena this afternoon. It was off and on rain but we managed to stay dry pretty much the whole time. Just the odd wet leafy tree branch in the face. Trails there handle water really well and are always rideable the day after rain without much pooling. Also found a nice high res map of the trails. There is 80km or so of good riding and it's about a 20min drive from the house.
I think people should be doing more early season mountain bike training down here. Forget the road camps if you are a mountain biker. It is the perfect way to get in some singletrack and hone your skills before the season starts. Issaqueena is always in good shape right from when I arrive at the beginning of March.

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