Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ride singletrack faster

There are a good amount of tricks to help you ride faster in singletrack. I know a lot of them but that will only get you so far. My singletrack riding is passable, nothing spectacular. To increase speed in the twisty stuff I might suggest some sustained intervals on the mountain bike in the trail. Today I got in a good 4 hour interval workout on the mountain bike and felt really good for the first time since I've been down here. It was either the flu or a bum knee that held me back until 2 weeks ago. I wanted to ease into it with some more base miles before doing workouts like I did today. It has been frustrating not being able to push the legs so I am relieved to finally be able to do so. Here's what today looked like.

1 hour warm up ride over to the trails

20min race pace (threshold zone 4)
10min active recovery (mid zone 3)

1 hour ride home

Went through 4 large 750mL bottles during the 4 hour ride which is a big help for recovery. Also went into the lake at the house after the ride while I ate my pbj and chocolate milk.

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