Thursday, April 15, 2010

The best thing about A/C

is still being able to take hot showers!

Rode with Fabs and Gareth yesterday. Took them on one of my new favourite rides, Black Mountain with an extra Coontree Loop back to the car. Had a nice random pedal un-clip at the top of a gnarly rockpile and had to ride the X-Ben like a raging bull to keep the face from getting intimate with mother earth. It's a great ride with about 1000m of climbing and a couple good really long descents (not to mention some very tiring technical uphills). Here is what that looked like.

Took today off the bike. Got some errands done and changed the battery in my Polar RS800CX. Much to my frustration all of my settings were deleted so now I have to re-program wheel sizes, heart rate zones, all of my menu preferences when I start a workout. Good times. Polar do frustration really well. Hilariously illustrated by going to their website and checking out the forums and all of the angry people. Not that it's all bad, I have generally been pretty happy with this Polar despite some of its shortcomings.
That's about all that has been going on around here. I am looking into some North Carolina rental houses to potentially run the Tour out of next year. That way the group would need to do a little less driving to get to the trail heads. Message me if you are interested in next years Tour. If I come down to SC next spring it will be the same arrangement as the past 2 years with the house I am in now and pricing should be about the same. The NC house would be in addition to the house near Seneca. I would get the NC house for maybe 2 weeks and still have the Seneca one for 9 weeks. Just checking out my options....


  1. After this years awesome riding I wanna come for 3 weks next year !!

  2. it really does take a while to get in all of the great rides around here.