Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Biking and bikes vs blogging about biking and bikes

Ok wow I realise it has been forEVER since I have updated on here. Lets just say I am much more passionate about working on bikes and biking than I am passionate about updating my blog so guess what wins my time.
What is new and exciting?? Ok yes I realise there were tornadoes and earthquakes today but what do you expect when you are floating on liquid hot magma hurtling through space at a gajillion miles per hour.
On the more interesting front I have a difficult decision ahead of me. No it is not the Pulsar GTi-R vs R32 Skyling GTS-t debate, that has been settled. Over the next couple of years I am going to be building up a bike. It has been something I have always wanted to do and feel I am ready to start the process. Obviously it is going to be a dually and obviously it is going to be a Giant. I am trying to decide between an Anthem X (100mm travel) and a Trance X (120mm travel). I am starting to lean more heavily towards the Trance X because I feel I can baby it a little bit more than I could an Anthem X. I am still going to keep the Anthem X-Ben but I think I will work away slowly on a Trance X on the side. I will keep you posted but it will be my Guinea pig bike to test out all sorts of fun bits. I will keep the Anthem X for most races and big training rides.
But this is just a thought, not completely decided yet. Again priority number 1 is getting my hands on an SR20DET equipped Nissan as soon as possible :-)

OOoooooooo yeah looking good for 2011
The next X-Ben project has been started.

On a side note, does anybody have a pooched SRAM XO derailleur I can buy? Bent, blown up, whatever, I need a few parts from it for R&D.

Stay thirsty my friends,


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