Monday, May 31, 2010

Race reports are lame. Here's mine

Ohh it was a good time this weekend at Hardwood. Had a bunch of transients staying on my floor for the race. Pretty convenient when you live 200 meters away from the start line. It was an amazing weekend weather wise. I'm sure you all remembered how crappy it was last year when it actually snowed for 5min at the start of our race.
Was hot hot heat and the course was pretty rough and tumble so I knew it would be hard to recover if I went too far into the red zone. Lucky for me it wasn't really much of an option since I really haven't been training fo real since I got back from down South. I had no power anyways. I started right at the back of the pack with my friend Cory. About 50m off the start there was a pretty big crash mid pack on my far left and we cruised right by. An easy way to make up 20 spots right off the start lol.
It was a slow start for our group. I think the fog of war (aka thick ass cloud of dust) limited our visibility to about 10 feet for the times you weren't blinded by watery eyes. Mouth felt like it was full of baking soda toothpaste. I made sure to hock out all of my spit in the first couple km's to avoid ingesting too much of that crap. The slow start made it easy to catch back up with the main group just in time for the traditional first singletrack slow down.
All in all it was a good time. I didn't have any wipeouts and I actually don't think I got passed once during the race. I had a late last lap surge going by the tech zone and managed to pass 4 more people before the finish line. Finished up mid pack in 34th which is probably much better than last year when I really sucked. Maybe in the next couple months I'll be able to get my top end speed back up to par with some training. My fitness and endurance is great cause I have still be riding quite a bit, just nothing structured. Hard not to ride given my surroundings. Anyways Mountainview this weekend should be fun. I DNF'd last year due to the heat so it should be easy to top that lol.
Nice dirt line post race

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