Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Carolina guided tour info

New tour format.

Put the mountain in mountain biking. Come spend a week with me in beautiful South Carolina. In the spirit of affordability I have come up with a good solution to the traditional cycling tour.

What is provided:
-4 days of guided riding, create your own tour itinerary
-Accommodations for the week in the beautiful 5000 square foot house
-Training program guidelines and advice for your early season if required
-Full service by a trained bicycle mechanic, me
-Rides include beginner to advanced instruction when required
-Instructors are first aid certified - 2 coaches for groups over 5 people
-End of week BBQ and celebration on Friday

Arrive on the Saturday and stay till the next Saturday, a full week! Usually the best plan is to spend Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday on the bikes. Average ride is targeted for 4 hours. This is aimed at riders with a decent fitness base who are wanting to take their cycling and fitness to the next level. All options including coaching and instruction and even participation are just that, options. So if you feel tired that day and would rather do your own thing you are welcome to. Or if you just want to get in some amazing riding without all of the coaching and instruction well that's fine too. Come out and enjoy some of the finest cycling North America has to offer. It's no wonder why I am going back for my 7th year in a row! South and North Carolina feature epic ridge riding at Tsali, huge slick rock trails at Dupont, technically abundant riding at Pisgah, and super fast snaking singletrack at Issaqueena. On the asphalt you can experience long switchback mountain climbs, rolling twisty back roads, courteous drivers, and great pavement! Amazing vistas are absolutely awe inspiring and beautiful weather will put a smile on your face year after year. I will show you the best of the best.

What is not provided:

Bring your own car and buy your own groceries. This keeps my overhead low which saves you hundreds of dollars and me a logistical nightmare. Convoy to the trailhead in your own vehicle.

The tour is now available on any of the 9 weeks. There will be a dozen or so different ride and lesson options to choose from. Create your own tour itinerary! Book early to have first choice of how you want your tour week to be organised. Different groupings include Road, Mountain, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, with lots of options for each. Mix 'n' match, do 1/2 road and 1/2 mountain, or 33.33% mountain and 66.66% road, or 1/4th road and 3/4ths mountain, or 100% road, or 100% mountain (percentages over 100% not available).

Pricing breakdown - Includes accommodation at The Palace
1-2 people = $450/person/week
3-5 people = $400/person/week
6-10 people = $350/person/week

Ride options: click on a ride for more info - more to come!

Mountain Biking options
Issaqueena Dam trails
DuPont State Forest trails
Pisgah National Forest - Black Mountain

Road Riding options
Caesar's Head

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