Monday, September 20, 2010

Carolina Tour Option - Caesar's Head

Thar's cycling gold in them hills!
Caesar’s Head – Road ride
This ride leaves from the scenic Table Rock State Park. Wind your way East through the twisty back roads to the base of the Caesar’s Head climb. Roughly 10km’s of switchbacks taking you up to about 1000m above sea level. Regroup at the top and take in the scenery at the overlook. Quick descent down the backside and back onto the extremely scenic, meandering, velvety paved roads which take us West to HWY 178. Make the climb back up to the continental divide and enjoy 2 switchback descents followed by some more meandering as we make our way East back to Table Rock State Park.
Ideal lesson topics covered:
-Riding in a group

Location: Table Rock State Park
Est. driving time: 45 minutes one way
Difficulty: Intermediate
Km’s covered: approx. 95km
Ride time: Est. 4hours

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  1. Ben, its looking like I just have to come and visit!