Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carolina Tour Option - Pisgah National Forest

Pisgah Trail System: Black Mountain – Mountain biking
Strap on your shoes for a truly epic experience. Pisgah is the real deal! This Black Mountain ride has easily become one of my favourites after spending a week last year perfecting the route. Ride 45 minutes of scenic twisty fire road (or 45 minutes of extremely technical singletrack climbing, you decide) as you creep closer to the top of the first peak. Duck into the singletrack for another 15-20 minutes of steep, technical climbing taking you up the sister peak to Black Mountain (2 free beers to those who manage to ride all the way to the top of this peak!). You get a little bit of a breather with a great singletrack descent which brings you to the base of the Black Mountain climb.
Steep, technical climbing sprinkled with some hike-a-bike portions will challenge you to see how far you can ride different sections before having to put a foot down. Finally you’ve made it up to the scenic vistas on Black Mountain.
After taking in the view you get your first 10 minute descent. Let your brakes cool with a quick 5 minute technical singletrack climb before heading down the second 10 minute descent. The latter featuring flowy berms and jumps, bringing you back to Hwy 276 with a short 5 minute ride to the car. If you are feeling adventurous we can head back out to Coontree Mtn. aka Mt. Motherf***er for a final 15km loop with a relentless climb and amazing ridge ride singletrack descent right back to the car.
Ideal lesson topics covered while at Pisgah:
-Technical singletrack climbing
-Energy conservation
-Selecting a line

Location: Pisgah National Forest
Est. driving time: 1 hour 30 minutes one way
Difficulty: Advanced
Km’s of trail: 300+km
Ride time: Est. 4-5 hours

Starting the long climb up

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