Monday, May 3, 2010

Ok I'm back in Canada

Yes it has been a while since I wrote to you my friends. The deal is, to be honest, I really don't have anything that interesting to add. Kind of the point of this site was more to be a hub for various practical bike info and less of a Bens day to day because keeping a record of such activity (or lack thereof) really doesn't do anybody any good. And I am here to improve your lives.
Speaking of life improvement, Shirley surprised us with an amazing 65" 1080p TV and Blu Ray player for the last couple weeks that I was at the house. I was very sad to leave it and come back to my lowly 42" but it is better to have loved and lost. The Silver Bullet made it home with zero hiccups. Only 2.5 tanks of gas and shaved a full hour off my personal best from SC to Hardwood by making the trip in only 14.5 hours. It was still light out when I got home! Car was getting about 600km per fillup which is great for a 40 litre tank. Cars blow my mind. Don't worry about the CEL on the dash. Just need a new cat or something along the lines.
Boy did I miss my apartment. Everything is strategically placed and eerily untouched. Except my poor plant, it is going to need some nursing back to health.
Anyways that's about it. I have soooo much that I wanted to add but I made cookies instead which is a really good excuse and now it is time for bed.
Nom nom.
Big Ass TV


Oh yes and I made little styrofoam airplanes the other day that Santa left in my stocking at Christmas. Maybe I was wrong about the uninteresting part. Good thing you tuned in.

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  1. Oh sorry about the car talk. CEL = Check Engine Light and new cat means I need a new catalytic converter because my code reader said it is running below peak efficiency temperature. Consider yourself educated. Mission accomplished.