Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ouch legs

Extra strength Tylenol for me tonight. Did the Mansfield Epic 8 hour today in the Tag Team under 70 (combined lol) age category. Got 3rd in our category, it was awesome. I am super proud of my partner in crime for cranking out some fast laps.
My times were nice and consistent, I was pleased.
29:56, 29:54, 30:31, 30:19, 30:03, 30:13, 30:46, 31:57
Darn last lap.Guess my old man legs just couldn't hold out any longer;-) Right now I am devouring a big bowl of chili since it is the only thing in my fridge that is ready to go and I resisted the McDonalds temptation. Gotta save that coin for the Skyline, oh and yeah it's bad for you too.

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  1. turns out I bought a Pulsar instead of a Skyline. Still can't believe I actually own the thing!