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Lake Keowee house info

February 26 - April 30
Click here for a suggested driving route.

What is the deal with this South Carolina house?
Every year I rent this big place in the Northwest of SC right at the base of the Appalachian mountains. It's big, it sleeps about 13 people very comfortably, is quite large, the property is right on a huge lake, and the house is big. We get folks from all over the place and at all different ability levels. There's the pro's like Derek Zandstra, the has beens bordering on never was like myself, the recreationals, the families, and the folks who don't even ride but appreciate the awesomeness of staying in a mansion down South by the mountains on a lake.
You are free to do your own thing while staying at the house. In fact you might not even notice I'm there unless you eat my peanut butter or make tons of noise at 6am.
Stay on your toes as the 2011 SC Easter bunny could strike at any time. The bunny is known for reducing even the hardest of core athletes to eating jelly beans and peanut butter eggs for breakfast.

House Info
Top Floor - 2 Bedrooms, one with a Queen and a Twin. The other with a Queen, full, and twin.
Main Floor - 3 Bedrooms. Master Bedroom has a King. 2 Bedrooms have Queens.
Walk out Basement - 2 Bedrooms. One with a Queen and a Twin. The other with a Queen, full, and twin.
-65" TV with Blu Ray in the main fireplace room. It is spectacular!
-Wireless internet
-LCD TV's with cable in each bedroom.
-Pool Table
-6 bathrooms, 7 showers
-Fully furnished rooms and kitchen
-big dining room table
-on the water with a nice dock and big deck
-2 car garage for bikes with custom bike rack and lots of parking outside
-full central air conditioning (yes we've used it before)
-gas fireplace
-2 refrigerators
-2 laundry rooms with washers/dryers
-towels/sheets/pillows provided

The riding
Well this is really the best part of the whole experience. Hard to believe given all of the awesome stuff mentioned already. Besides the hundreds of miles of snaking, nicely paved roads you can also find about 100miles of really good singletrack within a 25min driving radius of the house. Explore into nearby North Carolina to find the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pisgah, Dupont, and Tsali. Take part in some of the SERC XC racing series or weekly police escorted club road rides in Greenville.
People tend to informally organise themselves in groups depending on what they feel like riding that day, their ability level, and whether or not they actually get out of bed in the a.m. hours of the day.

Weeks available - Updated regularly
Week 1: Feb 26 - March 5
Week 2: March 5 - March 12 (Booked up)
Week 3: March 12 - March 19 (Booked up)
Week 4: March 19 - March 26 ( Booked up )
Week 5: March 26 - April 2 ( Booked up )
Week 6: April 2 - April 9 ( Booked up)
Week 7: April 9 - April 16 ( Booked up )
Week 8: April 16 - April 23 (2 spots left)
Week 9: April 23 - April 30

You must book by the week in whole weeks. Arrive any time on the Saturday of your week and leave up to any time the Saturday of your departure week.

No pricing change for 2011!! Yes I am that awesome. Only thing that has changed is the deadline to get the cheapest price, it has been bumped to January 1st. Pre-booking is very helpful to me and deserves to be rewarded :-)

Pricing before January 1st

Pricing after January 1st

How to book your stay:
Email, call, or text me with the weeks you want to stay. Please reference the week number instead of saying "last week of March" since that could potentially mean 2 different weeks. For each single or couple that are booking there is a $50 deposit for each week being booked. So if you want to stay as a single or couple for weeks 3 and 4 then $100 is due at the time of booking in order to hold your spot. Remaining balance is due February 1st or before.

*Small print* Deposit is 100% refundable until February 1st, 2011. After February 1st the total balance is paid and is non-refundable after February 15th ,2011. Any money paid including deposit and balance are 100% refundable until February 14th, 2011.

Ben Dawson
cell: 705 229 6923

Misc Photo's - Send me yours if you want to share.

What better way to spend an afternoon?Driving these roads is 1/2 the fun!
Derek replenishes his vitamin D
Heading out to the trails
Me and Andy ride up over Ceasar's Head on a perfect afternoon
A typical SC road
Stephan does the robot while applying sunscreen as Shirley and Scott, the home owners, take us out for a boat ride and tour.
Check out the Pickens flea market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. My camera could only capture about 1/4 of what was there.
Trails at Issaqueena are some of my favourite.

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