Friday, October 22, 2010

There's plenty of Benno to go around

Thought I should take today off from exercising. I got to sleep until 8am, which was glorious. I woke up at about 5:30 am so it really did feel like I was sleeping in. I think going to bed at 10pm is the key.
Anyways I took the evening off from riding and, despite some protesting, I only worked a 9-5er at Hardwood. We are super busy getting ready for the ski swap this weekend. If you need ski gear or want to try it out then this weekend is a good time to buy. I think the snow has gotten a lot of folks excited. Though 10 minutes North of Barrie where we are, we didn't get much snow at all.
Lots to do with getting SC up to date and keeping track of all the folks that are coming down. Week 1 booked up solid today, the house is now about 40% full.
Also have to lay the framework for the Hardwood DEVO Gold coaching that I am doing again which starts Nov 1st.

I have been calling around a bunch of insurance companies. State Farm quoted me $250/month for the GTi-R which seems a little steep since I am only paying $120/month for the Civic. I am still willing to pay $250 but thought I would call around and see if I could do better.
Nov 6th is probably the weekend that I will be buying the car. I have taken the 5th-8th off work.
-Up to Nov 6: Looking at Ontario cars
-Nov 5: Get insurance sorted out
-Nov 6: Drive to Montreal to check out a couple cars at an importer (and hopefully buy)
-Nov 7: Buy one in Ontario if I don't like anything in Montreal (or drive my Montreal car around and be happy).
-Nov 8: Certify, e-test, validate plates, all that jazz. Drive car around and be happy.

I have been trying to make arrangements to see some more Ontario cars. Just in case I don't like the car(s) in Montreal then I can buy one in Ontario.

What else? I have a couple bikes to work on and need to clean out the barn for our Halloween movie night. But other than that it is business as usual. I am also putting together a proposal for next weeks Cycle Solutions AGM because I think they might want me to do some coaching for the team which would be alotta fun.

As for the sucka that thought I would fail after one week of training, well did I ever show you!

Let the good times roll,

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