Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Benno's R adventures - Part 2

So there we were. Cory, Joel, and myself, sitting in the Civic in the middle of downtown Toronto. Cash in hand, heart in throat. Waiting for my new baby to arrive from the shop after being safetied.
It was 4:20pm. The license office closed at 5pm. I needed to get there with the signed ownership so that I could get the car plated and registered in order for me to get it back to Peterborough.
4:35 rolled around and my brother chimed in.
"We need to think of a plan B."
Hmnnn he was right. We were men, we could figure this out. One day I had fixed the exhaust on my Civic with a can of beans, that is the day I became a man.
Joel - "Don't you have CAA?"
Me - "Yeah I have premium. We could just get it towed, I get up to 200km's per tow."
Joel - "That's an option!"
Me - "Yeah right......."
Joel - "No seriously"

So we called CAA and did a dry run. Unfortunately my poor baby had broken down in Toronto and my shop was in Peterborough. I needed a tow. CAA informed me this would be no problem. Excellent. We left the Civic feeling liberated from our previous time frame constraints. After a delicious Subway meal we returned to the scene of the crime to see that my baby was back from the shop. It felt like I was finally getting my fix of a sweet sweet drug after being apart from her for a full 3 days.
With ownership in hand, my brother and I took her for a good rip around the block. Hilariously enough it was the first time that I really got a sense of the cars potential. Not so hilarious was the violent acceleration experienced. I instantly realised why owners of this car love it so much.
Coincidentally the engine would not start when we got back from our drive. We then called CAA and had it towed to Peterborough. We all sat around in my moms living room waiting for that damn truck to pull up with my baby. It finally did, about 25 painful minutes after we made it back to Peterborough in the Civic.
Luckily it fired right up no problem when we dropped her in front of moms, strange ;-)
The next day I got her registered and plated. My brothers (Joel and Joe) and I took 3 cars from Peterborough to Barrie. Joe in his Hyundai Elantra Car-Truck Special Edition, Joel in my Civic (rowing the gears to keep up, poor little guy), and me in my new GTi-R. A day that I had dreamed of for a loooooong ass time.

So that is the story of my GTi-R. A dream that I've had for many years now and the very car that I've wanted for about 12 months. So far she hasn't missed a beat. Sure she has some quirks and rattles, it gets 450km to a 50L tank, only uses 94 octane gas.......... but it does its job very well. The underside of the car is so clean you would never believe it is a 1991. She has a little extra mustard courtesy of an upgraded ARC intercooler (will keep the engine temps down when I'm boosting in South Carolina), massive upgraded exhaust, K&N intake, lowering springs.
She is on winter tires and rims right now. Hope to get some big ;-) 16" rims for the summer with some sticky rubber.

Taking my sister out in the R. My real life Gran Turismo garage :-D
She's got some bright lights and a factory skid plate
Minty interior
99,000km's on the clock
Nissan knows the market for this car
Can still fit a bike even with the rear strut bar
Factory big ass rear spoiler.
Now on snow tires. AWD + Snow = Awesome
Cory made a nice vid of the day.
I will keep you posted as I'm sure there are many more R adventures to come.


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  1. I must ask now for all the masses, will you ever ride a bike again or are you asking the chico boys to widen the trails a little so you can drive your car around the race course?