Sunday, November 21, 2010

The quick and derrrty

Ok my friends. Yes I am really slacking on this whole blog thing. You'd think being that cycling is winding down that I would have lots of time to do all the posting I want, nay need! This doesn't seem to be the case.
So it's 9:45pm, 15 minutes before bed time. I will make this short and sweet.

Life after the GTi-R has been a whirlwind. Just as I was picking up the car I was also getting a cold. Now if you can remember from my posts way back (it has been so long since I've been sick) that it takes me for-ev-er to get over the stupid things. This time was no different. Kept sticking a toe in the training waters every once in a while only to find that I really wasn't ready for any real exercise. Well that is out of the way now, I think it will hold me over until after the holidays lol.

So the past couple weeks have been good for getting caught up on some stuff. I've done a bunch of preventative maintenance on the R which has been fun. Have a few show-no-go parts installed as well with plans for a few more. Mostly though just working on getting her up and reliable for daily driving.
Clutch started slipping yesterday which is somewhat unfortunate, but better now than in SC. Gonna tackle this one myself since I have no real need for a car for the next couple months. I can take my time. Likely getting an ACT heavy duty street kit for a nice mix of drive ability and performance. Oh cars, so awesome.

Went for a nice night ride tonight. Trails are amazing when they are frozen. Tons of grip and fast rolling. Getting back to the strength training tomorrow morning if I am well enough.

Also went to the Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft on Saturday. This is something like my 7th year in a row and it is certainly not an option to miss. Has a great time with the bro and Cory at the new spectator area. Seemed a lot more laxed for marshals, who let us stand close enough to touch the cars drifting by.

Ok so it is now 9:59.
That's it for now.
Night night,

Decided that was close enough.
Prob my favourite car there. R32 Golf.
For those that know, enjoy.
For those that don' to be you ;-)

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