Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be good to yourself

Ok that's it. That's all. I am all set and can finally stop spending $$$$ like I have some.
Made my final big purchase of the money making season today so now I can recover and stockpile my earnings so that I have enough to survive South Carolina hah.
After about 16 months of suffering I am once again complete.

The worlds most awesomest items are contained within boxes like this one.

Whaaaa do we have here?

Yes I once again have a road bike! I feel so much more complete. I was able to dust off the old Keo pedals, BTP cages, and R131 shoes. They were waiting patiently and it feels great to be able to put them back to work.
Although I must add that my previous statement of 16 months of suffering could potentially be extended to a figure of roughly 28 months of suffering sans TCR since the Madone never really tickled my fancy.
I will try to stay as transparent as possible and get back to you with my ride impressions. Initial build quality is amazing. No component corners were cut. My only gripe is that it should have come with while cable housing but I will put that on before I head South and you can be the judge as to whether or not it looks better with it.
I fully intend to put this beauty through her paces when I am down South. For now she is a roller queen and will (hopefully) spend her mornings and evenings atop my until-now unused Cyclops Alu rollers (which are waaaaaaaay easier to ride than PVC rollers).

Oh-my-gawd yes.

Killer looks from any angle
Yes please
So thanks very much to Jacob from Bike Stop Orillia and also Mike Millar at Giant for enduring my constant harassment. This bike was actually really hard to get ahold of so I consider myself very fortunate that I was able to get one.

Ohhh yeah, ahem, on another note I was double bad this week. I finally found the perfect set of summer wheels for the Pulsar. Great price, very new, dangerous size (for my little grocery getter), awesome tires. Thank you kijiji!

Hey look, they match my new TCR hah!
Tenzo Tracer 17x7 with Kumho Ecsta AST
I apologize for my car being derrty. It hurts me to see it this way.
So there you go. Just knowing that I could have inspired even one person to recklessly burn through their savings...... well then it makes it all worth while.
Keep doing what you do (unless you suck at it, then quit now).

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