Friday, February 25, 2011

It's almost like a half a bike...........

Lets see what is there left to do on the X-Ben.
-finish rear hub
-lace rear wheel
-finish rear brake
-finish crank
-finish rear triangle
-build bike

I guess that doesn't sound so bad. Lets see a guestimated time frame
-2 hours
-1 hour
-3 hours
-2 hours
-2 hours
-4 hours

Soooo maybe only 14 hours of work left. I am still waiting on the cassette actually. It is getting increasingly difficult to find 9 speed Dura Ace cassettes for a reasonable price. Lets hope it arrives tomorrow or monday. If not I will have to get someone to bring it down for me and be sans mountain bike for the time being (which would be a real shame after doing all this work to get it ready).
I don't expect the bike to be any lighter. I've replaced a few bolts and the brakes but other than that I am running the same parts as last year. Maybe it will be around 21.5lbs instead of 22lbs but we will see.

Just finished the front brake, painted the rear rim, and ran some shift housing to see how it will look. Now I am gonna get back to work but thought I would share a pic.

Back to work!

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