Sunday, February 27, 2011

When the going gets tough

the tough go on lack of sleep.
So this is it. Really running out of time now, which I knew I would. Thankfully running out of parts to work on as well!
Finished up the rear triangle tonight. Overall it took for-freeking-ever to complete. Might have even taken longer than the front triangle. Spent about an hour and a half just buffing all the tiny little areas and probably 10 hours of sanding. But it turned out great and has a nice sparkle.
Finished the crank, polished it up and installed the chainrings which look awesome. Blend right in with the ridiculousness of it all.
Buffed the rear hub and laced up the wheel.
Installed the chain and derailleurs.
Ran the rest of the shift housing.

So tomorrow I am going to tension the rear wheel at work (nothing like working on your own bike on your last day) and then I have promised myself that I will have the bike completed by tomorrow night (ok except for the brake bleed, I am going to pick up some more DOT 5.1 when I am in town on Monday). I really don't want to have to spend a bunch of time on it Monday when I really need to be cleaning up my disaster of an apartment and getting all my sh!t together for my trip. So that is why it must be finished tomorrow.

Now I am off to bed.



  1. Oh yes and my cassette arrived on friday which is a miracle. Hallalulijah or however the hell you spell that.

  2. Just have to say.......on a BLING factor from 1-9 that shi*& is off the charts man. And I though Winston could go OVER THE TOP!!! Looking forward to seeing you lap me ONCE vs TWICE next HANSOLO just to chek this ride out ;) BTW, I'm down in SC with Tommy Hanrahan, Carmen Ring and another buddy of mine the week of March 25th...we may bump into you in the woods ;)