Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ritchey Foam Grips

'Nother little part came in at the bike shop.  Picked up my Ritchey foam grips this morning.  Mostly I was excited to get these since I needed to cut my old grips off to be able to cut my handle bars narrower.  The bars were a very wide 29.5" which while fun in the fast stuff were very cumbersome in the twisties.
I cut an inch off each side so now she sits at 27.5" which if I remember correctly is what I normally run.  The Ritchey grips are so much nicer.  The Lizard Skins were extremely hard on the hands.  Put them on the scale and was pretty obvious why, they are 1/2 the weight of the Ritcheys!  I was really surprised about this but oh well, I will have to save weight elsewhere.

The weight of the Lizard Skins grips plus the inch of bar I cut off (which had aluminum inserts in the ends) were still lighter than the Ritchey grips :'-(

Daang you heavy

Looking clean.

Next on the chopping block, these boat anchors.  Can't wait to get these off the bike!

Bought this horrible cage to hold me over until I can find something nice ;-)

So I'll just keep plugging away on this beast.  I think she still has about 4lbs to lose.  Gonna be a challenge.

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