Monday, June 16, 2014

Ze Germans are coming!

Went and bought myself a little treat the other day.  It was somewhat forced *twist my arm* because the saddle on my new-ish mountain bike managed to expire.  No idea how really, wasn't too concerned about it as it was pretty uncomfortable.  Not to mention I need to put this new bike on a diet so was not upset at all to see the old saddle go.
Soooo what did I get?  Thought I would try out the new Tune Komm-vor saddle.  Chose this model for a few reason.  It's not the lightest of the light saddles but it does seem to be a little more durable maybe, and is rumoured to be quite comfortable.
Post man came today.  Saddle was well packaged and initial cosmetic impressions were very good.  You never really know what you're going to get with this handmade stuff but everything looks pretty straight and true with a fairly high grade finish.  No complaints here.

Chucked it on the scale.

Came out at a respectable 91 grams.  About half the weight of the Syncros saddle that came off the bike.

Broken rails

Initial sit-down was positive but I'll get back to ya'll when I get some mileage on it.  My main problem with the Syncros was that there was zero flex in the shell, it was as hard as a rock.  In comparison the Tune seems quite soft.  But time will tell.  Flying back to Ontario this weekend from BC for a friendly 5man team at the Summer Solstice 24 hour.  Should get some good time on it then.

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