Monday, June 1, 2009

Canada Cup #3 / O-Cup #3 - Hardwood

Ok well what is there to say about Hardwood. Did about a million pre-ride laps since I work there lol. Was pretty easy to get out on course after work or whenever I had spare time. I have done well at this race in the past, in fact last year I had my best Canada Cup result to date which was 14th. I was hoping to do similarly this year and went into the race pretty confident with my fitness. So long story short or more like short story short, race didn't go to plan. I'm not going to make up some lame excuse about what happened and discredit the many racers that whooped my ass. Pretty much the main problem was that in certain parts, such as the entire race, I was going slow when I should nay could have gone fast. I dunno it was pretty damn cold out, like 7 degrees not including the ice cold 35km/h wind. I decided shorts and jersey would be sufficient though I did start regretting this decision as snow fell during the first section of singletrack on the first lap. Though it did only last 20 seconds I never did warm up. I would be sort of o.k. for a little bit then come out to the open and get blasted with the wind and freeze all over again. Heart rate sat at a low 163 average compared to my usual 175+. I finally decided to clench the teeth, spool up the turbos, and let 'r' rip. It was glorious! I started flying by people, the legs warmed up, I got a good was, it the 2km to go mark and just a smidge too late. So I'm going to get in a couple training rides this week and some spins to get ready for the London O-Cup this weekend. Final result from this weekend, 27th out of 51 that finished. I know that's only 2 spots worse than Tremblant but there really wasn't the depth to the field that there was in Quebec. Must have been another race going on somewhere else in the world.
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