Tuesday, June 9, 2009

South Carolina 2010

Why South Carolina? I started going down to SC on the suggestion of a friend. To be honest I wasn't too hot on the idea at first. I'd never heard of riding there and figured it would be mediocre at best. Well 5 years later and I've never missed going down since. Reasons I keep coming back are the riding and the affordability. Who knew that Northwest South Carolina has some of the best mountain biking and road riding in North America. You can ride rolling hills South of the house or category 1 mountain climbs North of it.
Travel costs about $75 gas each way depending on the car (my Civic actually did it for $50 average) so get one or two to share the ride and you are looking at a $75/person round trip.
The weather there is about 2 months ahead. Their March is like our May, April is like June/July.
What can be said about our South Carolina adventures? So many memories over the years, so many miles and shenanigans. 2009 was one for the record books. Record amounts of singletrack discovered, record amounts of people enjoyed The Palace, record amounts of Easter candy (mostly jelly beans) consumed. Cyclists of all abilities sharing rides, meals, racing stories. There's the annual barbecue with local Forest "Iron Man" Fowler (moonshine and handguns optional), hikes up Table Rock on "rest days", sliding rock, the Blue Ridge death march, midnight movie releases, Tiger Town Tavern, Duke World of Dance............I could go on. Riding is good too.
The house is pretty darn big. At any time you'll be sharing it with 11 other riders yet you could go for days without seeing some of them. People tend to form in riding groups depending on ability and willingness to get up in the morning. Be careful not to sleep too late or risk being dubbed resident zombie.
Besides the hundreds of miles of snaking, nicely paved roads you can also find about 100miles of awesome singletrack within a 25min driving radius of the house. Explore into nearby North Carolina to find the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pisgah, Dupont, and Tsali. Take part in some of the SERC XC racing series or weekly police escorted club road rides in Greenville.

I will have the place next spring for all of March and April. Looks like Saturday February 27th - Saturday May 1st. This year will be limited to 12 singles including myself or 9 singles and 3 couples. Should cut down on the congestion in the kitchen area.

I am also now taking reservations for the house down south next spring. Please let me know if you have any special room requests or anything of that sorts. Master bedroom goes to the first couple to book on any given week. There are 3 couple appropriate rooms. To book you need to put a $50 deposit for each week with the remaining balance due February 1st.

House Info
Top Floor - 2 Bedrooms, one with a Queen and a Twin. One with a Queen and a bunkbed (Full and Twin)
Main Floor - 3 Bedrooms. Master Bedroom has a King. 2 Bedrooms have Queens.
Walk out Basement - 2 Bedrooms. One with a Queen and a Twin. One with a Queen and a bunkbed (Full and Twin).
-3 t.v's. One 32" equipped with satellite.
-Wireless internet
-Pool Table
-6 bathrooms, 7 showers
-Fully furnished rooms and kitchen
-big dining room table
-on the water with a nice dock and deck
-2 car garage for bikes (and garage crit championships) and lots of parking outside
-full central air conditioning (yes we've used it before)
-gas fireplace
-2 refrigerators
-2 laundry rooms with washers/dryers

Full balance is now due upon booking. Prices are as follows:
Price per person is $180/week/person
Price per couple is $230/week/couple
*non refundable after Feb 15th.

Weeks available:
Week 1 February 27th - March 6th
Week 2 March 6th - March 13th (Full)
Week 3 March 13th - March 20th (Booked for group)
Week 4 March 20th - March 27th
Week 5 March 27th - April 3rd (Full)
Week 6 April 3rd - April 10th (Booked for Tour)
Week 7 April 10th - April 17th (5 spots left)
Week 8 April 17th - April 24th (4 spots left)
Week 9 April 24th - May 1st (5 spots left)

*Small print* Deposit is 100% refundable until February 1st, 2010. After February 1st the total balance is paid and is non-refundable after February 15th ,2010. Any money paid including deposit and balance are 100% refundable until February 14th, 2010.

Ben Dawson
705 229 6923

From the air (hey that's my civic! haha)

Master Bedroom

One of the two loft bedrooms. Each with their own full bathroom.

Kitchen/Dining Room area

Party time


  1. Already checking the calender to see when i can come down.

  2. Wouldn't be the same without you. I did manage to get the HUMP sign home BTW :P

  3. Hey Benno - how are things looking for booking so far??

  4. March 13th - March 20th is probably booked up but other than that she's wide open.

  5. What is the exact location of the house? Closest town etc?

  6. 193 Walker Point
    Seneca, SC

  7. Pretty sure a friend and I are interested for March 27th .. Is the loft bedroom got twins so can we book as a couple?

  8. Week 4 and 5 still have some room.
    A couple booking implies that you are sharing a bed with your significant other. There are 3 bedrooms with one bed, a king and two queens so those are the only 3 bedrooms that you can book as a couple. So unless you are sharing a bed in one of those rooms, it is $160/person (soon to be $180/person).

  9. Hey Ben, I'm in sweltering costa rica now, but will be down (up) there next w/e. Did you get my email about the bedroom? Hoping to have a bed in the downstairs north east corner room again...cheers


    (PS - how is the weather and riding?)