Sunday, June 7, 2009

O-Cup #4. Boler "Mountain"

Lol at the word Mountain. Anyways so made the drive down to London on Saturday morning and got in a good 2 pre-ride laps. The course was really fun and I was looking forward to the race. Lots of twisty stuff and faster laps though really not much climbing, a couple short hills. More of a big guys course I think, the watt pushers.
Stayed with some friends at the Western campus in a 4 bedroom dorm apartment with a kitchen but no dishes or cookware. We took that as a sign to order Swiss Chalet, I'm all about hassle free living when I'm away at a race. Had a good breakfast after my 10 hour sleep. Bed was pretty damn firm though and my old man back let me hear about it. Figured the back would start cramping on the 2nd lap or so but it never really did. Hurts like hell now though, massage anyone anyone??
Got to the race site and had a good warmup of about 30min or so after chilling out under some nice shade trees and making jungle noises for those walking by DOOOooooooEEee. Weather was warm and humid. I figured the race would be hot but never really noticed it that much while I was out there. Started on the 2nd row and got my famous Boler hole shot and took the lead for 20 glorious seconds. Started going backwards pretty quick after that cause I didn't want to blow. Got passed my Zach Hughes who promptly went over the bars right in front of me. I was inches away from rolling over his face but came to a pretty uncontrolled stop and was relegated to the last 2/3rds of the pack. Easy come easy go. Rest of the race went ok, not great, not horrible. Was caught slacking off when the juniors caught me on the 2nd lap and managed to hang with them for a lap. All in all finished 13th which seems to now be an average finish for me.
I love how Ontario doesn't give you any slack anymore with the training. I'm really going to have to start streamlining and putting a lot more thought into what I'm doing if I want to crawl my way back to the front of the pack. Stay tuned cause this old guy still has some fight left!
As always, pics if I can find em.

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