Monday, July 20, 2009

O-Cup #5. Buckwallow

Ok the Tour sucks tonight because of the radio protest so I'll do my Buckwallow O-Cup impressions/experiences.
Sooooo Buckwallow O-Cup. Traditionally not my best race since there is little to be found in the way of climbing and I've never really considered myself to be the greatest technical singletrack rider. Went up to pre-ride on Thursday and Saturday before the race. Went for 2 days of pre-riding just because it's so damn fun to ride there. I always have a great time and I'm really happy it's a stop on the O-Cup circuit even though I'm not very good at it lol.
I've also been somewhat out of shape lately. The only good training I've had in the past couple weeks has been the race at St. Felicien. I think I sort of rode myself back into shape at that race after my summer cold.
Legs were feeling very good that morning and the few days leading up to the race. Was pretty relaxed about the whole thing and was just looking forward to cranking it out on the awesome course. I found my legs were very good for most of the race and my singletrack riding was a thing of beauty. I was passing people like crazy the first lap and worked my way from almost the back of the pack to 16th. On the 2nd lap I got caught by a train of 3. Stuck with them for 1/2 a lap or so but knew I was faster in the singletrack so I took to the front before the more technical 1:30pm split and got a good gap after that section and didn't really see any of those riders again (though to Haydn's credit he had me on the run on the last lap). I was 16th at the end of the 1st lap, 12th at the end of the 2nd, 8th at the end of the 3rd. Sorta went bad just as I was starting the 4th lap. My legs were completely shot. I thought I was going to go backwards very quick and lose a bunch of spots, didn't even know if I could finish. I decided to stick it out and suffer for the next hour. I only lost 2 spots and was relegated to 10th but still amazed I didn't lose more spots. I am paying for it now though cause boy my legs are sore. Was mostly my quads that crapped out and I couldn't stand and pedal the last 2 laps but could still sit and use my hamstrings efficiently. Lets just say I was glad I had the extra travel of the new Anthem X since I had to sit through almost everything.
So pretty much that's how it went. My singletrack riding was phenomenal and saved my ass from my lack of fitness which I hope to correct in the next couple weeks just in time for the next one. August 9th is MountainView and I think I have a good shot there at doing well since it is a bit of a climbers course. I think the fact that I haven't ridden my road bike in about a month has contributed to my great bike handling skills and killed my fitness.
Anyways looking forward to the next one.
Until then.........

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