Sunday, July 26, 2009

Race Prep Pro

Race Prep Pro is a concept I have conceived through my experiences not only as a bicycle mechanic but also as an elite level mountain bike racer. The idea is to provide thorough and professional service to all riders regardless of ability level. As a racer and bike fanatic I know what it takes to keep a bike in flawless running condition. I expect nothing less than perfection from my components. I have put this together in a package that is competitively priced and not currently offered by traditional bicycle service shops. Whether you’re all thumbs, have no time, desire, or interest in keeping your bike tuned you can still experience and appreciate the benefits of having it done. Race Prep Pro is not limited to racing or mountain bikes. This service is perfect for getting your bike ready for the big day, bringing life back to a newly acquired used bike, getting your bike ready to sell, or giving your bike the attention it deserves. It is the complete package.

Race Prep Pro is $100 and includes
Thorough bike cleaning
Full drivetrain cleaning – Cassette, chain, chainrings, pulleys
Full drivetrain lubing
New shifter housing and quality stainless cables installed
Derailleur Adjustment – Front and back
Derailleur hanger alignment
Brake caliper cleaning and alignment
Headset cleaning and adjustment
Bottom Bracket cleaning and adjustment
Wheel true
Hub cleaning and adjustment
Recommendations for components requiring replacement
Installation of new components (provided by you) such as
-Grips/Grip Tape
*Approx service time 4-6 hours*

Thorough drivetrain cleaning and checkup

Thorough bike cleaning and detailing.

New shifter housing and stainless cables included in cost and installed.

All components tested and properly adjusted.

The results!

Other services are also available for an extra fee and done through Hardwood Ski and Bike. These include
Brake Bleed
Hydraulic brake hose shortening
Brake cable and housing replacement
Any required parts not supplied

I live in Barrie about 10minutes from Hardwood Ski and Bike. You can book your service for a variety of times including the race site the day before on pre-ride days for many mountain bike races. I am fairly flexible. Contact me to schedule your Race Prep Pro service.

Ben Dawson
705 229 6923

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