Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Take your bike to work day

It's right around 3 months now until we leave.  It has been a busy February at work so my riding has not been happening as much as I'd like.  My cross continent bike is also my general "beater" camp bike.  I try to bring this thing everywhere.  It's definitely the one bike I could not live without.  I'll go through the specs in a later post.

The days are starting to get longer around here which is nice

 I packed everything in the work truck and headed off to Zama City for the next week or so.

Normal highway conditions for half the year. Can you seen the 18 wheeler 100' in front of me?

You get funny looks when you are unloading your truck at camp.

It's definitely nice to have the option to ride even when I'm away.  In the summer I still bring the bike but can ride outside which is lots of fun in these remote locations.

If you're in Zama City AB stop on by and say hello ;-)

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