Sunday, March 12, 2017

Triple dip - cross continent ride. Stage 3

Stage three takes straight through the heart of the Rockies and away from the Pacific Ocean.  After about 26 days of riding and over 3,000km we are finally heading east!  May the winds be at our back :-D
Stage three is right about 1500km and should take us 11 or 12 days to complete.  Choosing to take HWY 11 east out to Rocky Mountain House should keep us away from the busier centers of Calgary and Edmonton.  I'd expect we'll be rolling in to Red Deer by about July 8 or 9.  Will we be sick of the hills and happy to leave the mountains behind?  The prairies will have their own challenges I'm sure.  It's hard to say what adventures are in store for stage three.  I can say that amazing scenery is a guarantee.

Are we passing through your area?  Maybe we'll see you out there :-)


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