Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to business

Well back to Barrie and back to my routine. Boy do I love my routine. I'm off my crazy sleep cycle and feel more energized simply from having stuff to do in a day. I'm telling you it's not as easy to have 2 months off as you think, especially when your job is as fun as mine. Back to work at Hardwood and hitting the trails. So far I am pretty happy with the changes the outdoor crew have made around Hardwood. They've spiced up a lot of the trails and even added a new one. I've only ridden one of them so far but I can say that it was my favorite trail before and I love how they've change the end of it and given it more flow (Gnarly). I really don't know how they've managed to leaf blow, clear the debris, and build all of this trail considering we had over 200 people skiing Easter weekend. I also got a chance to throw down on Sprockids Wednesday night and make good on a bet foolishly accepted in the long winter months. I'm telling you those kids can rip, managed 5th overall which is a podium anywhere in elite.