Sunday, May 10, 2009

O-Cup #2. Albion Hills

Well I had a little more success this time around at race #3 for me of the season. First race I double flatted, second race had stomach cramps. This race went pretty well I thought. Started off strong and wasn't too far back from the front, probably 15th place. Was cruising along fine enjoying another awesome Chico course and a little confused of all of the tales of crazy mud holes. I got the jist of what earlier racers were talking about when I was 1/2 way through the lap. Hit a muddy climb but it was still rideable. I thought ok this must be what they meant, no big deal. Got clipping along pretty good down the other side and hit mud hole #2. Well more like hit a rut and went flailing into a swamp. It was pretty comical, pretty much the worst place to go down. Picked myself up, stuck my mud hosed glasses into my jersey and continued after getting passed by about 10 people. I think in all there were 4 mud holes in the lap, 3 of them I dismounted for. I'm no runner so I think that hurt me a bit as the race wore on but I stayed smart and a little conservative and just kept on top of my cadence and not trying to burn too much energy in the twisties. I kept catching people all race, some would hang on for a little but drop off. The further up the field I got the harder it became to drop people after catching them. Ended up in a good little group of 4 who all had pretty good legs. I think fitness wise I had the advantage but I was painfully slow in the hike-a-bike stuff. I didn't panic and just kept a good rhythm and eventually got a small gap and held it for 8th place. I am really amazed at the depth of not only the Sr Elite field but also the Junior Ex riders. There seems to be tons of support now for junior riders and Ontario is really starting to produce a lot more talented athletes. It's great to see the next generation coming on so strong and I think we'll have some super competitive world class riders in the near future. As for me, I think I am going to take next weekend off instead of going to Quebec. Next race will be the Tremblant Canada Cup on the 23rd.
Over'n out.

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